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Blogging from your Mac Dashboard!

With a funky little tool called WordPressDash I can now post blog entries straight from my dashboard! It includes Category support. Perhaps a future version will include Tag support?

Once you’ve installed the widget you need your XML-RPC url… thanks to another blogger I seem to have gotten this working pretty quickly. Now to press Publish…


House of Cards on your Desktop

There is a cool screensaver version of Radiohead’s House of Cards video.  You can download the Mac or Windows version over on AtEase.

Apple Rumours!

Rumours are always entertaining, Apple rumours involving Canada are even more entertaining as far as I’m concerned.

Apparently Apple is not happy about the bad press Rogers has been generating over the iPhone rates and plans in Canada.  Remember, these are just rumours but with most rumours comes a grain of truth.

Check out the Apple 2.0 blog for details…