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Simon’s Cat

Back in 2007 I found a side-splitting animated video of a very persistant cat but at the time I had no idea who’s creativity had spawned it.  Apparently a man named Simon Tofield is to blame for the painful fits of giggles caused by the video.

Thankfully the “Simon’s Cat” video Cat Man Do was not an only child!

Let Me In

TV Dinner

 In case you missed it the first time here is Cat Man Do:


Get up. Now. Feed Me.

For those of you who have never had a cat:
If you insert the words “Get up”, “Now”, and “Feed Me” into the appropriate places in this video you will understand what it is like to live with a cat.

For those of you who have a cat; prepare to laugh.

Simon’s Cat was created by Simon Tofield (Tandem Films).

Catmas time is here!

It’s Catmas everyone!!!

This is my kittycat… her name is Menace.

She’s 9 and a half years old and loves her mommy.