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Jay Smooth Gets it Right. Again.

Jay Smooth has his say about this Roman Polanski crap.

Jay is right. As usual.


Sickened is how I felt when I first heard about the Roman Polanski disaster and the feeling continued. I wanted to write about it but didn’t have the words… thankfully HerBadMother found the words and you should read them.

This rightwing nutjob needs to be fired.

In Calgary this week Justice Peter McIntyre decided that a 14 year old girl was too drunk and as a result cannot prove that she didn’t give sexual consent to a 19 year old man.  This very same 19 year old man got her drunk, raped her, took photos of her naked and unconscious body and then bragged about having sex with her 6 times as he showed the photos to his coworkers. 

This rapist should be thrown in jail and the so-called judge should be fired from his position and charged (if possible) for his abuses of the justice system.  If a person is too drunk to stay conscious then they are too drunk to agree to anything in a legally binding matter and are definitely too drunk to consent to sex. 

I hope this disgusting decision is appealed.  Thanks to MatttBastard at Bastard Logic for posting this originally.