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Wilton Roses & Fresh Squeezed Lemons

I just finished the first Wilton cake decorating course at the local Michael’s craft store.  I must say that I enjoyed it and learned quite a bit.  I know my husband and coworkers were more than happy to enjoy the fruits of my labour.  I made 3 cakes over the last 3 weeks including a simple vanilla cake with fresh strawberries for the first week and a rich chocolate cinnamon cake for the second week.  My final course was last night and I decided fresh squeezed lemons for my cake and creamy yellow roses were the way to go…

Arcade Fire and Radiohead hanging out??

I think a few of my braincells just spontaneously combusted.  Colin Greenwood shares this little tidbit with the Montreal Gazette about Radiohead’s last trip to Montreal (2006):

“Arcade Fire came to see us,” he said. “It was really fun. They took us up to their part of town (Mile End), where they live. We had bagels and coffee on the church steps. It was really cool. We went to some bar – this European community centre – and watched football during the World Cup.

“They came and saw both shows. They took me, Ed and Phil to see some gaming/Dungeons and Dragons thing in the park (that would be the weekly, theatrically recreated battle scenes that take place during the summer, just up from the tam-tams on Mount Royal), then we walked to the top of the hill and looked down across Montreal with them.

“We talked to Régine and Win about life and touring. It was really cool. It relates to what I said earlier, about how it’s important to be in one place and space. It would be mad, otherwise – if you didn’t connect to the places where you were touring.”

I don’t know about you but I would have loved to hang out with this little group!

Thx to AtEase for the scoop…



There’s no one here today
‘Cause someone took the light away
There’s nothing in my heart
Don’t think I could even start to explain
I can’t stand the pain of losing something so much a part of me
Though in reality you were hardly there in my heart, in my heart
You were everything, everything
You were everything, everything

In these few hours a breath of summertime has turned to winter rain
In such little time all my hope has gone
Will it ever be the same
All I ever wanted was to see your face
To see a little smile from my little one and let
You know, and let you know
You were everything, everything
You were everything, everything

Babe I did all I could just
To give you life
I’d have done anything
Just to give you life life life liiife

Out there in the dark your little spirit is lost without a home
Oh don’t be afraid I’m thinking of you, no you’ll never be alone
Someday, somehow, when the time is right
May an angel smile upon me and give you life
To give you life
I’d give everything
I’d give everything, everything
I’d give everything to give you life
To give you life
To give you life to give you life give everything
I’ll give everything give everything
I’ll give everything

~ Lamb
(from their 1996 self titled album)

This rightwing nutjob needs to be fired.

In Calgary this week Justice Peter McIntyre decided that a 14 year old girl was too drunk and as a result cannot prove that she didn’t give sexual consent to a 19 year old man.  This very same 19 year old man got her drunk, raped her, took photos of her naked and unconscious body and then bragged about having sex with her 6 times as he showed the photos to his coworkers. 

This rapist should be thrown in jail and the so-called judge should be fired from his position and charged (if possible) for his abuses of the justice system.  If a person is too drunk to stay conscious then they are too drunk to agree to anything in a legally binding matter and are definitely too drunk to consent to sex. 

I hope this disgusting decision is appealed.  Thanks to MatttBastard at Bastard Logic for posting this originally.

Such Great Heights

Check out Sam Beam from Iron and Wine singing a cover of “Such Great Heights” (The Postal Service) live at the SubPop festival!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog

If you haven’t seen Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible yet you should definitely check it out!

Act I is up already, Act 2 comes out on July 17th and Act 3 on July 19th!

Thanks to Jay for the scoop!


UNKLE has just released a new album called End Titles… Stories for Film.

They have kindly decided to offer 4 tracks off of their new album for free!!

You can find the mp3 files for tracks 5, 6, 7, and 8 in the following 4 locations….

Track 5 (note that I had to select File | Save Page As… in Firefox to save this one)

Track 6

Track 7 (you may need to scroll down to the July 4th entry for this file)

Track 8

If that’s not enough UNKLE check out their London gig at Somerset House here.