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Bachelorette Bonanza!!!

My sister and friends hosted my bachelorette party this past Saturday night. That is a FANTASTIC way to spend a Saturday night; a veil, a penis wand, a candy bra, and a 5 ft blowup man named “Rico”.

I’ve acquired a few new bruises… Karaoke related injuries. Considering the events of the evening I think I made it out of there relatively unscathed.

There was a lot of booze and yummy bartenders… or was that the other way around. I’m not sure… it’s fuzzy. In a really warm fuzzy kind of way.

Definitely unforgettable, and no, you will NOT be getting any more details about that night.


I’ve been absent and I must apologize to my readers… okay who are we kidding… reader. (thanks J!)

Everyone else has just stumbled upon this blog by some twist of fate (or internet fluke) and they click as fast as their fingers will allow to find their way back out again.

My excuse for the lack of activity in this blog… I’m not quiet, I’m plotting. In fact, I am currently planning my wedding so my time has been otherwise occupied.

If you’ve never planned a wedding before you have no idea what is involved. If you have, you’re nodding in agreement right now.

Either way, people who are not currently planning their weddings have only one thought on the subject:

So I’ll shut up now and let you find some other internet site to procrastinate with.