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Let Them Eat Cake!

I have officially launched my website!

Let Them Eat Cake will provide Ottawa and the surrounding area with all of your favourite goodies made from the best ingredients!!

Pecan Pie Cupcakes


Where The Wild Things Are


For those who are curious the song is from the Montreal band Arcade Fire.

(h/t to Nerdist)

Juno Junk

I was planning to blog about the Juno awards this year, that is until I saw the nominees.  Looks like others in the Canadian music scene share my views…

“I really have no desire to be a part of it at all.” ~ Matthew Good

I am not an addict…

But here are a few of my favourite addictions things:

  1. Chai lattes. I can sniff out a Bridgehead/Starbucks from a mile away.
  2. Live music! There is nothing like a live show!
  3. Baking! I love to bake… cake, cupcakes, cookies… anything that can bring that moan of joy from my friends when they take a bite!
  4. It may seem strange… but I LOVE looking at photos of cupcakes!! You can’t help but smile when you see cupcakes!! Try it! You’ll like it!
  5. Learning new things! In the past 2 years I’ve finished a psych degree, taken cake decorating courses, I’m taking guitar lessons, learned to crochet, started Yoga, and learned a few things about social media and the science behind baking. If I had more time in my day I would have taken a resin course, pottery classes, thai cooking, advanced baking courses, and needle felting.
  6. Web stats. I love to know who you are! Where do my visitors come from? What did they click on? How many hits have I had today??

Why am I babbling so much?

The lovely and crazy super talented mchen tagged me with a list of her 6 most loved addictions. If you don’t know her you seriously need to check out her awesome Etsy shop!

I’ll tag people too…

… you’re it!

Stop lurking!  Post your favourite addictions in the comments!!

Got Cupcakes?

Capital Cupcake Camp

On March 29th, 2009 Canada’s capital will have their very first CupcakeCamp!

What is CupcakeCamp you ask?

CupcakeCamp is an opportunity for our community to come together and share their enthusiasm for cupcakes with all proceeds going to Ottawa’s Women Alive/Femme Active Program! Everyone who brings cupcakes will have the opportunity to brag about their creations which will be presented to the Tasters for a cupcake tasting frenzy!

You can get involved!

Capital CupcakeCamp is looking for volunteers to help with:

  • Setup
  • Baker Registration (all those cupcakes have to come from somewhere)
  • Taster Registration (all those cupcakes have to go somewhere)
  • Greeting and Hosting (making sure our guests are comfortable)
    Cupcake Showcasing (making sure our cupcakes are comfortable)
  • Take down
  • and probably a few other things, too.

Come out, have fun, and help make our first event an overwhelming success!

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