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Mr. Deity & the Evil

Have you met Mr. Deity?

Simon’s Cat

Back in 2007 I found a side-splitting animated video of a very persistant cat but at the time I had no idea who’s creativity had spawned it.  Apparently a man named Simon Tofield is to blame for the painful fits of giggles caused by the video.

Thankfully the “Simon’s Cat” video Cat Man Do was not an only child!

Let Me In

TV Dinner

 In case you missed it the first time here is Cat Man Do:

CBC – The Acorn & Ohbijou

There is never a shortage of drama in the world of music and the indie scene is no exception.  Check out this CBC video which gives us a look at the members of The Acorn & Ohbijou while they toured together this fall.

(h/t to the2scoops)


Before the drama we find cuteness… it is almost too cute if that’s possible!

Do you know That Guy?

An entertaining read for any of us who’ve met or even dated That Guy.

Gali the Alligator

A wonderful new show for kids!

Sing along with the children:


Hello Gali!
Here comes Gali the Alligator
He’s a puppet decimator
Little bunnies chewed to death!
You can smell blood on his breath
‘Cause we bunnies live in fear
That he’ll tear off their fluffy ears!
Better stay out of his path
If you want to escape his wrath!

Get up. Now. Feed Me.

For those of you who have never had a cat:
If you insert the words “Get up”, “Now”, and “Feed Me” into the appropriate places in this video you will understand what it is like to live with a cat.

For those of you who have a cat; prepare to laugh.

Simon’s Cat was created by Simon Tofield (Tandem Films).

Has Anyone Seen My Feet?

This post is to honour some of the wonderful t-shirt slogans pregnant women can plaster across their baby bumps:

“This is what happens when you party naked.”
“All Hail the Baby maker!”
“Birth Control is for Wimps”
“The mailman did it.”
“Future MILF”
“Has anyone seen my feet?”
“Get lost. Can’t you see I’m trying to shoplift this basket ball?!”
“Watermelon Smuggler”
“I may be huge but at least I don’t say stupid things to pregnant women.”
“It’s a pillow.”
“Ever been slapped by a Pregnant chick? Touch my belly and live the experience!”
“Supersize my epidural”

… and finally, the shirt I might even wear at the delivery:
“It ain’t over ’til the fat lady screams.”