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Do you know the Muffin Man?

Some humour for you… well, my kind of humour isn’t for everyone.

There is a local bakery that is famous for it’s muffins.

Every morning people stop in on their way to work for a tasty breakfast treat and by mid-morning the muffins are usually sold out.

One day, two muffins are left and the morning rush of customers has come and gone…

Muffin 1 (starting to panic): “Do you think we’re going to get sold today?? What will the baker do if he doesn’t sell us?? Will he throw us away?? I just don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t fulfill my muffin destiny! Doesn’t this upset you? Aren’t you worried??”

Muffin 2 (yells): “OH MY GOD! A talking MUFFIN!!!”

For some animated muffin madness check this out:


Meh. Monday.

So I arrive at work early and while I’m waking up and enjoying my tea I discover the following article: <click here>

The long and short of it… the Dutch and French have about 43 more days off in a year and they are just as productive as we are. The economy will not go “Kerplooey!” if we have extra vacation time.

So either my boss needs to give me more vacation time or I need to move to Paris…. hmmmm….

I’m starting to think that I need more baguettes, cheese and wine in my diet.

Vive la France!

Do you wanna be my hero?

You too can save lives!!

Superman does it and everyone loves him!

It’s not hard… takes about an hour and involves some minor discomfort that is EASILY forgotten when you think about the fact that someone will not die because of it.

To top it all off you get juice and cookies as a reward!!! What could be better than that???

Okay, I’m done with promoting for today… but seriously kids… isn’t saving lives worth a little pin prick every few months???

The Newbie…

Okay, so I’m new to this whole blog thing.

I’m not a very interesting person as far as blogs are concerned but I have my opinions and I want a place to state them where some random dumbass can’t talk back… well, at least a place where I can ignore them.

I may just forget about this whole blog thing and go back to my journals but for now I’ll try it out.

I will mostly be posting about things I enjoy (music, books, whatever) but you will occasionally find me ranting about some moron who has irritated me. I may come here to spew forth all the nasty comments that would have been really good for a certain situation if I had actually thought of them at the time.

That’s it for now… welcome to my world. If I offend, bore, or otherwise irritate you just piss off and leave me alone. Otherwise, y’all come back now, y’hear?