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You have Mail!

The cupcakes arrived at their destinations!! Both packages arrived yesterday as expected and the cupcakes were intact!

The box was $5 and the overnight shipping through Canada Post was $10.  The box was the perfect size, I wanted room to put packing material around all sides including the top and bottom of the box.  I used flyers from our recycling bin as well as a few pieces of styrofoam to keep them safe.

This experiment was a success! Later this week the2scoops will be blogging about the cupcakes he received.  For now here are some pictures the2scoops took of the packaging (thanks for the pics!):

Packaged Cupcakes

Cupcakes exposed

Cupcakes by Snail Mail???

I have officially packed my Pina Colada cupcakes for shipping!

I obtained some cupcake containers from the bakery section of my local grocery store. I am sending 6 cupcakes to one friend and half a dozen to the other. Once the cupcakes were in their individual holes I wrapped the containers in 2 layers of plastic wrap and one layer of tinfoil to protect them against drying out. Then I popped them into the freezer. I’m hoping the frozen cupcakes will hold their shape best during shipping.

cupcake containers

The post office had some standard shipping boxes that were the right size. I used some newspaper and and other random bits of packing material and tried to protect the now frozen treats from the battering they were likely to receive while being handled, tossed, sorted, shipped, and delivered to my friends in Toronto.

The boxes are in the freezer and will be sent out tomorrow by overnight delivery. If all goes well my lucky friends will have cupcakes at their doors by Wednesday afternoon! I have been promised photos of the cupcakes upon arrival so that I can see how well they survived their journey. I’ll post a follow up for those who are interested and you can also find out how my experiment went by checking in with the2scoops since he is one of the lucky recipients! Wish these little cupcakes luck!

Cupcakes and Google

I had cupcakes on the brain yesterday… and today…. well, most days honestly.  You can’t help but smile when you see a yummy looking cupcake!

I was pondering the possibilities of shipping cupcakes.  I have a few long distance friends that could use some yumminess in their lives!  So I decided to head to Google to see what I could find.  I typed in shipping and cupcakes and was excited about my results!

In the giant blogosphere I found this great blog called Cakespy.  They have recently been having similar thoughts about cupcakes traveling through the mail and decided to take action!  A Cupcake Experiment was begun!

You really should check out the links to the cupcake experiment and to the experimental findings!  The evidence is surprising, entertaining and even educational!

Cupcake in Envelope

Cupcake Carnage