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Johnny has his say

Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead has a chat with Sasha Frere-Jones, the pop-music critic of The New Yorker.

Johnny’s got some entertaining things to say about MP3s and the sound quality of recorded music.

(h/t @colinmeloy)

This one time at Bandcamp…

Once upon a time I went to bandcamp.  I was a flute player back in those days but I don’t play and tell. is a cool new site for bands to upload and distribute their tunes in high quality formats, including MP3, FLAC, and Apple Lossless!

Bands have the option to set a price, make downloads free or even use the Pay-What-You-Want method (thank you Radiohead!).   Payments are made through the already secure and well known PayPal.  The interface is simple and easy for music fans to use which always results in more sales.   Once fans start listening to the streaming music and downloading songs or albums the bands will have access to some great stats.  Music on Bandcamp is also easy to find… I Googled a song and their Bandcamp page was the very first link!

For music geeks far and wide Bandcamp is the perfect new method to share the bands we love with everyone else!!  I can easily share a track or album through Facebook, e-mail, MySpace, Twitter, LiveJournal, TypePad, Blogger, and even the lovely WordPress:

Ahhh… happiness is music sharing…

The Acorn @ LaundroMatinee

A lovely video of The Acorn performing Crooked Legs on LaundroMatinee in Indianapolis. They have some mp3 freebies available as well as a few other videos from the same session.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “The Acorn @ LaundroMatinee“, posted with vodpod

Can’t get enough? Their video for Crooked Legs is out and can be watched here! (h/t to Stereogum!)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Acorn & Ohbijou

The Acorn & Ohbijou are playing Barrymore’s Music Hall on Friday, December 12th!  If you are in Ottawa that day you should definitely check it out!

They are touring to support the release of a 12″ EP that they worked together on!  It’s a great album… you can stream it live over on the Kelp Records site.  Also a great place for some random and free mp3 downloads!


UNKLE has just released a new album called End Titles… Stories for Film.

They have kindly decided to offer 4 tracks off of their new album for free!!

You can find the mp3 files for tracks 5, 6, 7, and 8 in the following 4 locations….

Track 5 (note that I had to select File | Save Page As… in Firefox to save this one)

Track 6

Track 7 (you may need to scroll down to the July 4th entry for this file)

Track 8

If that’s not enough UNKLE check out their London gig at Somerset House here.