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Jay Smooth Gets it Right. Again.

Jay Smooth has his say about this Roman Polanski crap.

Jay is right. As usual.


Wild Things

Take Spike Jonze’s creativity and artistry and add to that Maurice Sendak’s incredible book “Where the Wild Things Are” and you have what promises to be a fantastic movie rich with imagination and emotion!

Have a peak at this newly released featurette about the movie over on the Apple site.

Movie is set for release on October 16th, 2009!

*Sadly I had to remove the embedded video as YouTube took it down due to violation of blah blah blah.  Simply stupid that something created for promotional purposes is not available on such a widely used site.

If you haven’t heard…

Bon Iver is amazing.

Can’t help but love his performance on the Jools Holland show:

Radiohead meet Dave Brubeck

It’s my birthday and the only thing that could beat my homemade chocolate chip cookies for breakfast is a mash up of Radiohead’s 15 Step & Dave Brubeck’s Take Five


(h/t to AtEase)

P.S. This is an exception to my “I Hate Mash Ups” rule.

Radiohead Live @ The Grammys

Thom Yorke just posted a link on Dead Air Space to the video of their performance with the USC Marching Band.

If you head to the Google video page you can actually download a high res version of the video!


Simon’s Cat

Back in 2007 I found a side-splitting animated video of a very persistant cat but at the time I had no idea who’s creativity had spawned it.  Apparently a man named Simon Tofield is to blame for the painful fits of giggles caused by the video.

Thankfully the “Simon’s Cat” video Cat Man Do was not an only child!

Let Me In

TV Dinner

 In case you missed it the first time here is Cat Man Do:

This car takes the cake…

This is simply amazing!

(h/t to Cake Wrecks)

And how it all came together: