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Radiohead in Toronto

The show should be announced officially tomorrow but word from AtEase indicates that Radiohead will be playing in Toronto on Friday, August 15th at the Molson Amphitheater.

Hopefully they will be hitting Montreal the Saturday night!  Fingers crossed!!


I need a catchy phrase!!

As you may already know my Etsy site is called Blue Sky Design and I’m looking for a catchy phrase that I can add to my shop banner and my next batch of business cards.

Just as an example a cute shop called Pillowhead has the phrase “Life not squishy enough? You need Pillowhead!”.

I’m not looking to copy them by any means but I would love to have something interesting to say other than “hand crafted jewelry”… yawn.

I would love it to be related to blue skies or fluffy white clouds. Something unique, not just a quote from someone else. I’m looking for something whimsical but still professional.

If you have any suggestions please leave them in the Comments section of this post or convo me on Etsy.

You have your mission! There will be a small prize for the winner!

Blue Sky Design

Update:  I have decided on a prize… the winner of this contest will receive a discount of $5 on any item in my shop as well as free shipping for that item anywhere within North America.


I’ve been wanting business cards to help me promote my new Etsy shop.  I want some thing professional yet unique but I’m not a graphic designer and I don’t really have extra time and money to go back to school to learn all that good stuff.

After a little online window shopping I found a site called   They have created the mini-card which is a 28x70mm version of the business card.  All I needed to do was upload some of my favourite photos, use their tool to crop them and add text to the back of it.   They make it very simple and it is reasonably priced ($19.99 for a pack of 100).

So I’ve decided to try it out!  Since my shop is called Blue Sky Design I uploaded some of my favourite photos with bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds (it’s amazing how many I take like this!).  I set them up so my favourite part of the photos would be used and I added my shop details in blue on the back of the card.

Before long I had an email from them indicating that my order would likely be ready for shipping by Wednesday and that they would contact me once it had shipped.

I can’t wait to see the results!  Once I get them I will definitely post to let everyone know how long it took to receive the cards and how they turned out.

In the meantime check out my Etsy shop!  While you’re there have a look at all the other great stuff on Etsy too! minicards

More Etsy Goodness

I’ve added a few more items to my Etsy shop!

Please have a look and let me know what you think!

moss agate

black & white

Welcome Radiohead fans!!!

I can always tell when Radiohead is in the music news… my blog visitor stats shift from those searching out cupcakes to those searching out Radiohead. 🙂

According to my WordPress stats every single person who visited today (32 of you!) found me by searching for Radiohead. So to all Radiohead fans I say welcome!

I hope you found some interesting tidbits. There is a great deal of info on the band but your best bet for up to date info on Radiohead is going to be in one of three places:

Dead Air Space – this site is updated by the band although not on a daily basis. It is frequently photos & videos, many links the guys are interested in are located in the left side bar.

Radiohead At Ease – this site is where I get most of my updates. It is a very popular site so it can be a little slow when there is something really interesting going on with the band… for example, the In Rainbows release. The site has a great news feed and a lot of other info.

Green Plastic – this site is new to me. It looks pretty up to date although they haven’t been posting much recently. It appears well organized so I think it will be a good resource as well. I also love all the lyric pages. 🙂

Feel free to leave comments while you’re here… hopefully everyone will get to go to the concert in a city near them! Just remember Thom’s wishes; walk, bike, metro/subway, carpool, take the bus/train. Try to do your part to reduce the ecological footprint of their tour… we want them to come back don’t we??

Happy trails to you…

Citrus Cupcakes

Citrus-y goodness….

This is my latest creation for an office bake sale… lemon-orange cupcakes and lemon-orange buttercream icing.

Citrus Cupcake

Citrus Cupcake

UPDATE: The cupcakes didn’t sell as well as I had expected.  I found out why… apparently they look too pretty, as if bought at the grocery store!  So people were sticking with the home made goodies instead!  When told they really were homemade people responded that I should go into business for myself!  At least now I know who I’ll try selling them to first!

I’m an Etsy Geek!

I finally did it! I set up my Etsy page!

For those of you who are not familiar with Etsy it is a craft geek’s paradise! It is the craft equivalent to Ebay.

I have been making beaded jewelry for about 12 years and it went from an occasional occurrence to an addiction. I have primarily sold pieces to friends, family, and coworkers. Finally I am branching out and hope to be successful in obtaining some online sales. I would love to dedicate more of my time to my jewelry in the future and I’m hoping this will be the start of it.

My shop is called Blue Sky Designs. I currently have one multi-strand necklace available for sale and will post more items once I have batteries for my camera.

I will definitely post here any time I add more jewelry to my shop so please keep an eye out for new items!

Blue Sky Designs

As a side note I created the lovely banner above in a program called Skitch using a photo I took in southern Ontario!

Illusions of Normalcy

I’ve been tagged! Wow… that’s kinda cool! 🙂 The fabulous Kelly over at O for Obsessive tagged me today so here it is:

Five ways I regain an illusion of normalcy…little dog

Name something you do everyday
Read a few favourite comic strips in the morning. It ensures that I start my day with a smile.

Name 2 things you wish you could learn
To create glass beads.
To play the guitar.

Name 3 things that remind you of your childhood
Family gatherings with the whole extended family.
Finding forget-me-nots and wild violets under a shady tree.
Four leaf clovers – they remind me of my dad singing songs to me at bedtime… believe it or not I usually find one every summer.

Name 4 things you love to eat but rarely do
Lobster claws
Ice cream cake from Baskin Robins

Name 5 things/people that make you feel good
(As Kelly said, too many people to choose from so here are 5 things instead.)
Being with friends/family.
Helping someone in need.
Driving on an open stretch of road.
Getting lost in a great book.
Outdoor concerts.

I’m tagging this guy:

Thanks Kelly!! 🙂

500 Fantabulous Visitors!!!

WOW!!  I passed the 500 visitor mark today!!!

That 500 visitors counts all people that have visited my blog since moving over to WordPress in November 2007!!

Thanks to everyone for checking out Ranting & Raving!