Apple Rumours!

Rumours are always entertaining, Apple rumours involving Canada are even more entertaining as far as I’m concerned.

Apparently Apple is not happy about the bad press Rogers has been generating over the iPhone rates and plans in Canada.  Remember, these are just rumours but with most rumours comes a grain of truth.

Check out the Apple 2.0 blog for details…


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  1. LOL It’s official – thank you karma

    “The iPhone 3G will be available in Canada from Rogers and Fido,” said Simon Atkins, spokesperson for Apple. He declined to elaborate.

    The Cupertino, Calif.-based company broke the news during a private conference call on Monday evening, according to The website said Apple was “disgusted” with the rates Rogers is charging on the iPhone, which has prompted nearly 50,000 people to join a protest at An Apple store manager last week confirmed to that staff were “very disappointed” by the cellphone company’s rates and that Apple was keeping a tally of complaints.


  2. Too bad Fido is just a subsidiary of Rogers… more money in their pockets.

    I think I’ll hold off and wait to see if any of the up and coming cell phone companies will be providing the iPhone. 🙂


  3. And here’s Roger’s response/flinch. This is from the Toronto Star today:

    “Rogers Communications Inc. has thrown a bone to potential iPhone customers by offering a limited-time promotional data rate plan that should silence complaints about Canadian pricing for the eagerly-anticipated device.

    The wireless giant said today it would give iPhone subscribers who sign up before Aug. 31 the option of purchasing a 6-gigabyte data plan for $30 per month in addition to any voice plan. “


  4. They think that will silence complaints?? They should really take time and think instead of giving a knee jerk reaction.


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