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Happy New Year!!!! Wow, 2007…

Yeah, I know. I’m a little behind the times since January is almost over. My excuse? I was in Mexico. Okay, that was only for a week but that’s all I’ve got!

You should consider it a good thing that I don’t post too often. According to my supervisor I take a little getting used to.

January is review time here at the office. The good, the bad, and the about-to-be-fired all make their trek to the meeting room with their respective bosses. Thankfully my review was fantastic. It certainly made my Monday a little easier, especially considering I had only returned from Mexico two days before.

The worst part of my review was peppered with giggles. My boss informed me that I tend to be a little insensitive when trying to get a point across in meetings. Apparently the managers had a hard time getting used to my personality. He used the word “tenacious” to describe me. I like that. I guess the phrase “rabid-pit-bull” wasn’t acceptable for the formal review.

As “It’s Happy Bunny” so succinctly phrased it:

I’m not mean. You’re just a sissy.