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Are they really so afraid to lose the crackpot vote that they won’t even give a straight answer??


Wild Things

Take Spike Jonze’s creativity and artistry and add to that Maurice Sendak’s incredible book “Where the Wild Things Are” and you have what promises to be a fantastic movie rich with imagination and emotion!

Have a peak at this newly released featurette about the movie over on the Apple site.

Movie is set for release on October 16th, 2009!

*Sadly I had to remove the embedded video as YouTube took it down due to violation of blah blah blah.  Simply stupid that something created for promotional purposes is not available on such a widely used site.

Present Tense

Thom Yorke performed solo this week at the Latitude Festival.  I wish I had been there. 

Check out his haunting performance of a new tune, “Present Tense”: