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Mac, tell me a joke.

My new iMac is fantastic. I have spent so much time in my home office this week that I may need to invest in a mini fridge and a hot plate so I don’t skip any more meals.

When I’m not killing droids in the Star Wars Lego game the speech recognition software is a great feature to play with. I can open and close programs, start my screen saver, switch between applications, etc. I currently have it set up that I simply say the word “Mac” before each command. It defaults to the word “Computer” but it made me feel a little too much like the captain of a starship.

The iMac can tell jokes.
Me: “Mac, tell me a joke.”
iMac: “Knock, knock.”
Me: “Whose there?”
iMac: “Tuna.”
Me: “Tuna who?”
iMac: “Tuna the piano so it sounds better.”

I did not say it could tell funny jokes.


Mac Sweet Mac

My iMac has arrived!!!!!

I ordered my iMac one week ago and it arrived today. I couldn’t wait to get home from work and crack open the box!

The new iMac looks lovely in the office that had I recently redecorated in anticipation of a new computer purchase.

There will be a learning curve since I’ve been a PC user for many years but I managed to hook it up and get attached to my internet connection in just a few minutes.

This is the perfect distraction… much better than studying for my exam this Thursday.

I am the newest addition to MacGeekdom.

I did it! I bought the shiny new iMac!

I have been wanting an iMac for quite a while now. The drool inducing obsession began when I saw my friend Jeff’s new iMac a couple of years ago. When I finally decided it was my turn to abandon my PC-user-ways I felt it would be best to wait until the rumoured hardware release. Am I ever happy that I waited! The new iMac has been updated from their usual white plastic. It is a sleek, thin and lovely aluminum and glass fabrication.

I ordered my iMac online so I won’t have it right away. It takes 3-5 days to process the order, customize my iMac and get it shipped. Then up to 8 more days before arriving at my door. Yes, I’m cheap… a $1500 machine and I cheaped out on the $40 to get it here sooner.

So for the fun of it I’ve decided to share the status of my iMac order with all my readers (I think we’re up to 3 of you now!). I will add updates each time I obsessively check the Apple website. Doesn’t that sound exciting??

iMac Order Status:
8/7/07 – 8pm – Order Placed.
8/8/07 – 5pm – Not shipped yet.
8/9/07 – 8am – Not shipped yet.
8/9/07 – 12pm – Prepared for Shipment! (WAHOO!)
8/10/07 – 9:02am – Shipped from Shanghai, China
8/10/07 – 1:34pm – Arrived in Anchorage, Alaska
8/11/07 – 12:32am – Arrived in Memphis, Tennesee
8/11/07 – 5:03am – Left Memphis, Tennesee
8/12/07 – all day – Obsessively checking the tracking info… still no news.
8/13/07 – all day – Why won’t they update the freaking site??

More status updates to come!!

My iMac specs: 20″ monitor, 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM, 320GB Hard drive, with the 256MB ATI video card. I only upgraded the RAM… the hard drive I have now is only 80GB so 4x the space will be perfect… for now.

Here are some lovely images of my new toy: