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New Radiohead Tune!

This was leaked to the internets…

(h/t @MattL212)


Present Tense

Thom Yorke performed solo this week at the Latitude Festival.  I wish I had been there. 

Check out his haunting performance of a new tune, “Present Tense”:

Mr. Deity & the Evil

Have you met Mr. Deity?

And they’re off!

Radiohead started their tour in Florida last night!

Check out “The Gloaming” for a preview of some cool lights and some serious Dancing Thom!

Some “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi”…

And definitely some “Faust Arp” up close and personal…

Thanks to Stereogum for the link and to jenn1742 and edyoufinrule for uploading the videos!

In 3 months from today I will be soaking in some live Radiohead in Montreal!