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Friday night we bundled up in our warmest winter gear, hopped in the car, and headed out to Wakefield, Quebec.  We were heading to the Black Sheep Inn which would be host to The Olympic Symphonium and Snailhouse for the evening.

The Olympic Symphonium of Frederickton, New Brunswick started off the evening and they were a pleasant surprise.  I have never listened to them before and they were melodic and soothing.  Definitely some similarities to Great Lake Swimmers.  With the exception of the drummer their was an active game of musical chairs going on.  The upright bass, electric, and acoustic guitars as well as the lead singer duties were shared between band members.  Two of the whom joined Mike Feuerstack on stage to complete Snailhouse.

Mike Feuerstack is Snailhouse.  He has played with a large number of musicians over the years and it certainly seems to work for him.  He played a great set at the Black Sheep with a handful of older tunes and quite a few off his latest album “Lies on the Prize” (on iTunes & Zunior!).

I managed to get a couple of photos & videos of the night.

The Olympic Symponium:

Olympic Symphonium

Snailhouse opened with a quiet and haunting song called Mahogany:

One of my favourites off of “Lies on the Prize” is Tone Deaf Birds:

Check out the lovely Hagstrom guitar:

Mike Feuerstack of Snailhouse

And the Snailhouse drummer…



Timber Timbre

I caught Timber Timbre at the Black Sheep Inn this past autumn opening for the Great Lake Swimmers.  It was a Friday night and after a long week of work I was tired and anxious to see GLS (just for the record, they were fabulous!).  Listening to a random guitar player with some pedals just didn’t interest me at all.  My friend and I were caught completely off guard by his performance.  Not only was this opener a talented musician but he was unique and a wonderful surprise.

The music of Timber Timbre is haunted and to be honest it feels as though front man Taylor Kirk has travelled back in time and found the soul of his music somewhere in the past.  Close your eyes and you are transported to the forest before the cities started to encroach on the wild.  Keep your eyes shut and you will see a man and a guitar singing in front of a raging bonfire.  There is a warmth to his sound that draws you in and captures your attention.

He’s heading out on tour to support the release of his self titled album which is to be released tomorrow January 13th, 2009.  You should definitely see Timber Timbre live.  I was caught without my camera last time but I’ll be sure to snap some shots next time!

Upcoming shows:

Thurs, Jan. 15th – Toronto, ON @ Soundscapes in-store

Fri, Jan. 16th – Guelph, ON @ Albion Hotel – Out of the Park Records Anniversary Party

Wednesday, Jan. 28th – Peterborough, ON @ Gordon Best with Bruce Peninsula & Jill Staveley

Friday, Feb. 6th – Ottawa, ON @ Zaphod Beeblebrox (location not confirmed) with Bruce Peninsula

Saturday, Feb. 7th – Montreal, QC @ Il Motore with Bruce Peninsula

For more shows check here!

The Acorn

The Acorn is not a band. The word “band” doesn’t do them justice. The Acorn is a collective of incredibly talented musicians.

Their music is full to the brim with melodic harmonies as well as percussive and flowing rhythms. Their music accomplishes something impressive… it both soothes and energizes. It has an organic feel, as though it is pushing its way up through the moist dark earth at the height of spring hoping to join the crocuses while they ring in the season of renewal.

I hope that doesn’t sound like a pretentious pile of crap. I wrote those words while listening to the song Crooked Legs off of their most recent album Glory Hope Mountain. There is definitely something about The Acorn, something fresh and alive in their sound and in their presence.

If you didn’t have the chance to see them in their element at The Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield, Quebec this past weekend be sure to hunt them down in your hometown. I’m sure they’ll pop up sooner or later… it is spring after all!

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