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Fear of the Living Dead has just revealed their first trailer!

Fingers crossed you’ll be able to catch it at the Zombie Short Film Festival in Toronto next month!

Wild Things

Take Spike Jonze’s creativity and artistry and add to that Maurice Sendak’s incredible book “Where the Wild Things Are” and you have what promises to be a fantastic movie rich with imagination and emotion!

Have a peak at this newly released featurette about the movie over on the Apple site.

Movie is set for release on October 16th, 2009!

*Sadly I had to remove the embedded video as YouTube took it down due to violation of blah blah blah.  Simply stupid that something created for promotional purposes is not available on such a widely used site.

Where The Wild Things Are


For those who are curious the song is from the Montreal band Arcade Fire.

(h/t to Nerdist)


On February 6th the movie Coraline will hit theatres!  The book was dark but rich in colour, creepy but playful and Neil Gaiman’s story infiltrated my imagination. Between the story and directory Henry Selick (director of The Nightmare Before Christmas) I really couldn’t be more excited for this movie!

If you haven’t read the book yet you really should.  As for the movie… Neil Gaiman has a few words for us about buttons and koumpounophobia.

If you’d like some sneak-peak/making-of footage check this out and head to YouTube to view the rest of the series!

See you at the movies!

Where the Wild Things Are

Too exciting!  Spike Jonze is working a movie of Where the Wild Things Are!  I loved this book as a kid and can’t wait to see it on the big screen!  Check out this interview with Jonze about the movie!

h/t Karnatos