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Seeing Stars…

There is a wonderful Canadian band that goes by the name of Stars. I’m heading to Montreal tomorrow to see them at Le National which looks like a really fantastic place to see a live show.

Le National

I have seen Stars a number of times and even though I’m excited to see them again I will forever miss the days where they played the more intimate venues. It was in these bars where we crowded around the stage and loved the music and the band in the up close and personal way of the indie music scene. That will always be my favourite way to see a band!


If you ever get a chance to check out their live show it is definitely worth it. Have a peek at their MySpace page and take a look at some of the other bands they know. Support your local music scene… you never know who will make it big next!







Rice is nice; or should I say nourishing?

Do you have a vast vocabulary? Test it out at!

For every correct answer this site will donate rice to countries in need.

I was a little skeptical at first but according to this site is the real thing. The food is paid for by their advertising revenue which will increase as visits to the site increase.

Help others in need while learning a few things in the process!

rice pic

Gali the Alligator

A wonderful new show for kids!

Sing along with the children:


Hello Gali!
Here comes Gali the Alligator
He’s a puppet decimator
Little bunnies chewed to death!
You can smell blood on his breath
‘Cause we bunnies live in fear
That he’ll tear off their fluffy ears!
Better stay out of his path
If you want to escape his wrath!

My inner Diva is a Rockstar.

Hello, my name is Nikita and I’m a Karaoke Addict.

I love to sing and so far people have not boo’d me away from the microphone… thank goodness for drunken karaoke audiences!

I’m your typical car/shower/empty bus shelter singer. If no one is around to hear me I will sing all day long. Karaoke has allowed me to over come some of my stage fright. Granted there may have been some beverages that assisted in this endeavor but most of my karaoke singing has been done sober since I’m usually the DD.

For those of you who continue to sing when no one is listening… try some karaoke, start small, find a bar where you don’t know anyone. Sing your little heart out. You may be able to find your inner rockstar yet!