About Me

This blog is where I come to organize and express my thoughts.  It has also become a great place to share the many things I enjoy.

My posts are not based on any one theme; instead they are a collection which reflects my own interests. There are definitely some aspects of my life which will appear more frequently (music, music, and more music) but almost anything could appear here.

I am a huge fan of music and I love to read. I enjoy spending time with my friends and I love to sing.  I’m not in any bands… more of a karaoke and Rock Band singer for now.   I started guitar lessons this year but I don’t expect to be a rock star any time soon.  There are many other things I’d like to learn but I’m going to have to petition for shorter work days and more vacation time if I want to fit them in!

Baking is something I love to do and I’ve dedicated an entire blog and business to it.   If you’re hungry and local I’m always taking orders!

I also have my own online shop called Blue Sky Design which displays the hand crafted jewelry I make.  I hope you’ll check it out or take a peak at my design blog over here.

Please feel free to comment on my posts. I love to know when people are reading my ramblings.  Please note that this is a personal blog and if you don’t agree with me feel free to click on past.  If you are interested in what I have to say please come back often!

Grab a martini and enjoy your visit!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi, You are so versatile. Nice blog


  2. Thanks! 😀 The photos on your wordpress blog are beautiful!


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