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Strike a pose…

The bride (moi) is talking to a groomsman at the bar during the reception… out of the corner of her eye she sees cameras flashing and glances over to see a group of her friends posing for a picture.

The friends are all standing up and there is this big space in front of them where a bride and her poofy dress would fit perfectly. Without a word she glances back at the groomsman and he says: “You have a picture to be in…”. She grins and takes off running!

The second her heels touch the dance floor her feet fly up into the air and she lands on her hip. Sliding into the feet of her friends, almost bowling them over, she looks up at the camera and says “Smile for the picture!”. Meanwhile her friends are torn between laughing and making sure the bride isn’t injured.

Unfortunately none of this was caught on video so she will not be the next $10000 winner on any of those funny video shows.

A picture really is worth 1000 words: