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Jay Smooth Gets it Right. Again.

Jay Smooth has his say about this Roman Polanski crap.

Jay is right. As usual.


Sickened is how I felt when I first heard about the Roman Polanski disaster and the feeling continued. I wanted to write about it but didn’t have the words… thankfully HerBadMother found the words and you should read them.

I Am Zero Means Zero

Yup. It was me…. or was it you or even you?


Are they really so afraid to lose the crackpot vote that they won’t even give a straight answer??

Billy Bob is an Ass.

If you haven’t caught Jian Ghomeshi’s CBC interview with Billy Bob Thorton and his band The Boxmasters you should definitely check this out.  At first I thought Billy Bob was high but it looks like he’s just an ass.

(h/t to Flacklife)

Billy Bob’s band was booed (say that 3 times fast) in Toronto this week.  The Boxmasters are on tour with Willie Nelson as one of the opening acts but apparently canceled their performances in Montreal and London at the last minute. According to the Willie Nelson website his Canadian tour dates will go on without The Boxmasters.

Juno Junk

I was planning to blog about the Juno awards this year, that is until I saw the nominees.  Looks like others in the Canadian music scene share my views…

“I really have no desire to be a part of it at all.” ~ Matthew Good

Keith Olbermann states this perfectly…

You have to watch this video and then head to the Courage Campaign to see what you can do to help.

Take Action!!