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If you have been pregnant or have a child or are a mom in any way you should check out this well written post:


Social Media Freebies!!

I’m drooling over this huge collection of free social media icons!!  The hard part is making a choice!

h/t @HowToMakeMyBlog

Marketing to Bloggers

Great post on marketing to bloggers…

Speaking of marketing if anyone at KitchenAid is looking to have a blogger test out one of their fabulous Professional-600-series-wide-6qt-bowl-lift-beauties they can just drop me a note…


Sticky Fingers

WordPress has introduced a new feature called Sticky Posts!

This cool feature allows bloggers the ability to stick a post to the front page of their blog. Once set as a sticky post it will not get bumped down the page by more recent posts.  If the user removes the sticky post setting the post will be popped back to its place in chronological order.  It’s like having a giant post-it note on your blog.

And since it is a brand new feature and I’m a big geek I’ll be testing it out with my next post…

Blogging from your Mac Dashboard!

With a funky little tool called WordPressDash I can now post blog entries straight from my dashboard! It includes Category support. Perhaps a future version will include Tag support?

Once you’ve installed the widget you need your XML-RPC url… thanks to another blogger I seem to have gotten this working pretty quickly. Now to press Publish…


Wow!  I reached 5000 hits today!!!  Thanks to all of my visitors especially my regulars!

3000 and counting!

Hurray! I reached 3000 visitors today! Thanks for coming out!

Stay tuned for more baked goods and music news! 😀

Thanks for visiting!