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Neko Case

I’ve been listening to Neko Case for a few years now and I have wanted to see her live from the first moment I heard her sing.  Her powerful voice and incredible range tell stories so captivatingly.   Thanks to some dear friends I was able to catch her latest show at Trinity St. Paul’s church in Toronto which is a beautiful venue.

From start to finish Neko’s voice rang out like a perfect chorus of bells. She hit every note with ease and with perfect control. I couldn’t help but watch with a mix of adoration and envy. She’s just amazing. Her band and backing vocalist Kelly were perfectly matched to her skill making for a memorable evening.

For pics and a great write up check out the2scoops! Thx again Jay, the Neko ticket was a fabulous b-day gift!


I am not an addict…

But here are a few of my favourite addictions things:

  1. Chai lattes. I can sniff out a Bridgehead/Starbucks from a mile away.
  2. Live music! There is nothing like a live show!
  3. Baking! I love to bake… cake, cupcakes, cookies… anything that can bring that moan of joy from my friends when they take a bite!
  4. It may seem strange… but I LOVE looking at photos of cupcakes!! You can’t help but smile when you see cupcakes!! Try it! You’ll like it!
  5. Learning new things! In the past 2 years I’ve finished a psych degree, taken cake decorating courses, I’m taking guitar lessons, learned to crochet, started Yoga, and learned a few things about social media and the science behind baking. If I had more time in my day I would have taken a resin course, pottery classes, thai cooking, advanced baking courses, and needle felting.
  6. Web stats. I love to know who you are! Where do my visitors come from? What did they click on? How many hits have I had today??

Why am I babbling so much?

The lovely and crazy super talented mchen tagged me with a list of her 6 most loved addictions. If you don’t know her you seriously need to check out her awesome Etsy shop!

I’ll tag people too…

… you’re it!

Stop lurking!  Post your favourite addictions in the comments!!

You have Mail!

The cupcakes arrived at their destinations!! Both packages arrived yesterday as expected and the cupcakes were intact!

The box was $5 and the overnight shipping through Canada Post was $10.  The box was the perfect size, I wanted room to put packing material around all sides including the top and bottom of the box.  I used flyers from our recycling bin as well as a few pieces of styrofoam to keep them safe.

This experiment was a success! Later this week the2scoops will be blogging about the cupcakes he received.  For now here are some pictures the2scoops took of the packaging (thanks for the pics!):

Packaged Cupcakes

Cupcakes exposed