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New Albums in 2009

There is much to look forward to in the world of music for 2009!  There are a few highly anticipated albums coming out over the next few months.  These will keep us alive until Spring can revive us!

Timber Timbre – 1/13/09 – The self titled album was released earlier this week.  I’m catching the show in February and will definitely pick up a copy then!

Charles Spearin – 2/14/09 – The perfect release for Valentine’s Day… The Happiness Project is the latest creative endevour of Charles Spearing (founding member of Broken Social Scene and Do Make Say Think).  You have to read about it to fully grasp the unique qualities of this album wherein Spearin attempts to “blur the line between speaking and singing”.

Neko Case – 3/3/09 – Neko added a great track from her upcoming album Middle Cyclone.  The track is called “People Got A Lotta Nerve” which she has graciously made available for download!  For every blog that posts the song they will donate $5 to the Best Friends Foundation.  She is just too awesome!

Bell Orchestre – 3/10/09 – Their second album As Seen Through Windows will be released on Arts & Crafts Records.  I’ve been hoping for a new CD since their first album came out in 2005!  Their recordings are both inspired and inspiring and their live show is breathtaking!

Great Lake Swimmers – 3/31/09 – The dust of their last album tour hadn’t settled before they were hard at work on Lost Channels!  They spent some time along the St. Lawrence River recording the new album and I can’t wait to hear the new material!  We can expect to see them live in Canada this March!

Ohbijou – 4/??/09 – After a busy tour with The Acorn, Ohbijou has been working hard on their latest offering Beacons.  We’ll be able to hear it in early April and don’t be surprised to see them performing at a venue near you!

Amy Millan – ??/??/09 – I don’t know how she finds the time but in between shows with Stars, Amy Millan has found time to work on her second solo album!  I haven’t got any official dates yet but I am hoping it will be released very soon!

I’m sure we will see many other great albums this year and hopefully live shows as well!  See you there!


CBC – The Acorn & Ohbijou

There is never a shortage of drama in the world of music and the indie scene is no exception.  Check out this CBC video which gives us a look at the members of The Acorn & Ohbijou while they toured together this fall.

(h/t to the2scoops)


Before the drama we find cuteness… it is almost too cute if that’s possible!

The Acorn & Ohbijou

A picture says a thousand words so instead of a wordy review which would never do this show justice here are some choice pics from front and center!  I hope you didn’t miss this show!!!



The Acorn



The Acorn & Ohbijou

The Acorn & Ohbijou

Head to the Flickr bar on the right side of the page if you would like to check out more photos from the show!

** Hello Ming!  Glad to finally meet you and I’m looking forward to seeing your photos!

Acorn & Ohbijou

The Acorn & Ohbijou are playing Barrymore’s Music Hall on Friday, December 12th!  If you are in Ottawa that day you should definitely check it out!

They are touring to support the release of a 12″ EP that they worked together on!  It’s a great album… you can stream it live over on the Kelp Records site.  Also a great place for some random and free mp3 downloads!

The Acorn & Ohbijou

The Acorn & Ohbijou are releasing an EP together!  The album will be out on October 7th and can be pre-ordered from the Kelp Records store.

You can stream it right from Kelp Records and they even allow you to download the song Steep from the album.

Check them out live in a city near you!