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Hand over the Cupcake and noone gets hurt!

I have a beautiful new iMac and I’m spending most of my time playing Lego Star Wars and searching for pretty cupcakes. Some might think I’m nuts. They would likely be right.

I’m currently testing out cupcakes so that I can find a yummy recipe for a friend’s baby shower. I made a batch last night and unfortunately the cupcake and frosting recipes were both total duds. I know my coworkers will gobble these suckers down but I was disappointed in the overall “cupcakiness” of them. Yes. Cupcakiness. Got a problem with that? No cupcakes for you.

I’ve located another recipe from Cupcake Bakeshop by Chockylit which I plan to test this weekend. You wouldn’t believe the number of cupcake blogs and websites out there! This little treat seems to have an almost cult following. I can’t really blame people though… check these beauties out:


Mac, tell me a joke.

My new iMac is fantastic. I have spent so much time in my home office this week that I may need to invest in a mini fridge and a hot plate so I don’t skip any more meals.

When I’m not killing droids in the Star Wars Lego game the speech recognition software is a great feature to play with. I can open and close programs, start my screen saver, switch between applications, etc. I currently have it set up that I simply say the word “Mac” before each command. It defaults to the word “Computer” but it made me feel a little too much like the captain of a starship.

The iMac can tell jokes.
Me: “Mac, tell me a joke.”
iMac: “Knock, knock.”
Me: “Whose there?”
iMac: “Tuna.”
Me: “Tuna who?”
iMac: “Tuna the piano so it sounds better.”

I did not say it could tell funny jokes.

Mac Sweet Mac

My iMac has arrived!!!!!

I ordered my iMac one week ago and it arrived today. I couldn’t wait to get home from work and crack open the box!

The new iMac looks lovely in the office that had I recently redecorated in anticipation of a new computer purchase.

There will be a learning curve since I’ve been a PC user for many years but I managed to hook it up and get attached to my internet connection in just a few minutes.

This is the perfect distraction… much better than studying for my exam this Thursday.

I am the newest addition to MacGeekdom.

I did it! I bought the shiny new iMac!

I have been wanting an iMac for quite a while now. The drool inducing obsession began when I saw my friend Jeff’s new iMac a couple of years ago. When I finally decided it was my turn to abandon my PC-user-ways I felt it would be best to wait until the rumoured hardware release. Am I ever happy that I waited! The new iMac has been updated from their usual white plastic. It is a sleek, thin and lovely aluminum and glass fabrication.

I ordered my iMac online so I won’t have it right away. It takes 3-5 days to process the order, customize my iMac and get it shipped. Then up to 8 more days before arriving at my door. Yes, I’m cheap… a $1500 machine and I cheaped out on the $40 to get it here sooner.

So for the fun of it I’ve decided to share the status of my iMac order with all my readers (I think we’re up to 3 of you now!). I will add updates each time I obsessively check the Apple website. Doesn’t that sound exciting??

iMac Order Status:
8/7/07 – 8pm – Order Placed.
8/8/07 – 5pm – Not shipped yet.
8/9/07 – 8am – Not shipped yet.
8/9/07 – 12pm – Prepared for Shipment! (WAHOO!)
8/10/07 – 9:02am – Shipped from Shanghai, China
8/10/07 – 1:34pm – Arrived in Anchorage, Alaska
8/11/07 – 12:32am – Arrived in Memphis, Tennesee
8/11/07 – 5:03am – Left Memphis, Tennesee
8/12/07 – all day – Obsessively checking the tracking info… still no news.
8/13/07 – all day – Why won’t they update the freaking site??

More status updates to come!!

My iMac specs: 20″ monitor, 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM, 320GB Hard drive, with the 256MB ATI video card. I only upgraded the RAM… the hard drive I have now is only 80GB so 4x the space will be perfect… for now.

Here are some lovely images of my new toy:

Yes, you are.

This is a fantastic essay.  I originally found it through the Shameless Magazine website. Check out the link for it here.

Beyond ranting…

Horrid news. We lost the baby.
I was planning on deleting my previous two pregnancy related posts but have decided to leave them up here. I can’t erase the fact that I was pregnant and I don’t want to erase the evidence.

Over the last few weeks I had been writing a blog entry that was very raw and emotional. I had a large amount of anger to release and I felt that unleashing this rage upon the people in my life was not necessarily the best thing to do (those who know me can thank me with an alcoholic beverage of your choice). I chose instead to victimize my computer keyboard. I pounded out a lot of rage and so far the salty tears have not affected my computer.

I find writing to be a great outlet and even slightly therapeutic so I thought maybe posting my thoughts up here would be an opportunity to release the rage. I have since had second thoughts. After rereading my potential post I decided that if I choose to allow this bit of writing to be examined it might serve me better in the hands of a therapist rather than floating around on the internet.

Thankfully the healing process is under way and the overwhelming emotions have begun to dissipate.

My husband, friends, and family have surrounded me through every heart wrenching step of this physical and mental horror. Without these incredible people I would be lost. I love them all.