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The Soirée

Saturday night… the best night of the week!  Your previous week is a memory, most of us still have one more day before the next work week begins.   My friends were reluctant to head back out into the cold weather but with the bribe of some Vietnamese food before heading to the show I got them out to Irene’s Pub.  They were very pleasantly surprised by what they heard!  The Soirée performed to a packed house and the great set allowed us to forget about the cold and enjoy the cozy pub and yummy beverages.

I’ve been out of town for every other show these guys have had in the past year so I was excited to finally see them live. Their set was a great combination of old and new and it’s obvious that they love to perform.  It’s great to see a musician find their happy place!  There was no shortage of talent on stage; musically and vocally they are very sound as well as relaxed and fun to watch.  I’m looking forward to their next show!  Matt you promised to keep me in the loop, I hope we don’t have to wait too long for another performance!

Bryce Colenbrander

Matt Arnold

Eric Roberts


You can check out their music on Bandcamp:

As an aside… what is with the smallish music venues and their obsession with red stage lighting??

The Soft Disaster

The Soft Disaster played at Zaphod Beeblebrox in Ottawa tonight.  The set was great but far too short; they were sandwiched by two other bands so time was limited.  Based on crowd response they should have played the entire night!

The Soft Disaster are Tim Brownlee, Jeff DeButte, Bryce Colenbrander, & Nicolas Paradis.  Check out their album Outposts on Bandcamp.

The lighting on stage was a bit too dark to get any great shots but here are a few of my photos from the show:

The Soft Disaster @ Zaphod's

The Soft Disaster @ Zaphod's

The Soft Disaster @ Zaphod's

The Soft Disaster @ Zaphod's

The Soft Disaster @ Zaphod's