Neko Case

I’ve been listening to Neko Case for a few years now and I have wanted to see her live from the first moment I heard her sing.  Her powerful voice and incredible range tell stories so captivatingly.   Thanks to some dear friends I was able to catch her latest show at Trinity St. Paul’s church in Toronto which is a beautiful venue.

From start to finish Neko’s voice rang out like a perfect chorus of bells. She hit every note with ease and with perfect control. I couldn’t help but watch with a mix of adoration and envy. She’s just amazing. Her band and backing vocalist Kelly were perfectly matched to her skill making for a memorable evening.

For pics and a great write up check out the2scoops! Thx again Jay, the Neko ticket was a fabulous b-day gift!

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  1. Posted by J. on April 28, 2009 at 9:19 am

    I saw that she’s coming to Bluesfest this year. I’ve been trying to listen to some of her music. Any suggestions on where to find music from her?


    • I’m looking forward to seeing her at Bluesfest! You should be able to listen to some of her music on MySpace.

      I also highly recommend checking out Ani diFranco on the same day. 🙂


  2. And again, I wonder if we’re the same person? I went to see Neko in Mtl on a school night a few years back — worth the 4 hours of driving on a Tuesday evening. WOW. Very very stoked about Bluesfest — yahooo!


    • If it weren’t for the peanut butter issue we would definitely have some concerns.

      She’s definitely worth the trip to Toronto or Mtl but I’m so glad she’s coming here this summer!

      Maybe we’ll finally meet in person???


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