The Acorn & Ohbijou

A picture says a thousand words so instead of a wordy review which would never do this show justice here are some choice pics from front and center!  I hope you didn’t miss this show!!!



The Acorn



The Acorn & Ohbijou

The Acorn & Ohbijou

Head to the Flickr bar on the right side of the page if you would like to check out more photos from the show!

** Hello Ming!  Glad to finally meet you and I’m looking forward to seeing your photos!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Ya finally got to meet you (OK not in a stalker way HAHAHA)
    Oh man last night was amazing!!!
    It was such a kick ass show!!


  2. Very nice Nicole – looked like as much fun as the Toronto show, but closer 😉 – what setting were you using on the Lumix? Those natural light shots are very nice, looks like you were in the perfect position with the stage lighting assisting you.

    Love knowing the bands are smiling as much as the audience must be!


  3. Ming it was SUCH an amazing show!! So glad you were able to get a ticket! 😀

    Jason – I have my Lumix on “Normal Picture”. It is what I like to call semi-automatic. 🙂 It just has my presets in it. I keep the flash off, ISO was only at 800. The angle I was on let me take advantage of the lighting I think. I tried to time my shots to the lights a bit. I’m just an amateur! Check out Ming Wu’s photos (see comment before yours!).


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