Tina Fey is Fabulous

Tina Fey won an Emmy for her performance on 30 Rock!  Check her out in this SNL sketch.

Hopefully after the American election in November Tina Fey will have no need to portray Sarah Palin.


3 responses to this post.

  1. How great was it Tina winning writing, acting, and producing! She looked gorgeous and each of her 3 speeches were articulate and memorable. Shame they couldn’t show more clips of the show on the broadcast, but she’s a smart cookie. She ended her speech for Best Comedy Show by plugging every available outlet where you can see the show: Hulu, NBC.com, iTiunes, NBC Thursdays October 30th at 9:30pm.


  2. I’m so glad that SNL was not canceled some time in the last decade or two, that it managed to hang on until Tina Fey could play Sarah Palin. She makes the whole thing a bit more bearable.


  3. She is so intelligent! I can never get enough of her!

    Kelly – I am keeping my fingers crossed for a Democratic win for our neighbours to the south. You’re always welcome to move to Canada if you can’t bear it any longer! 🙂


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