Blood, you got it. They need it.

It’s pretty simple.  There are people in the hospital this very second who would die if there was no blood available.  Accident victims need your blood.  People with cancer and other diseases need your blood.

You may be afraid of needles but these people are enduring painful medical procedures.  They are in need and you can help.

If you’re in Canada contact the Canadian Blood Services for a donor clinic near you.

If you’re somewhere else you should be able to google “blood donation” and the name of your city.

You can even leave a comment here with your location and I’ll find the information for you.

If you’re still undecided you can check out Thank You Donor, a Canadian site dedicated to thanking those who have donated (thanks to one of my visitors for the link!!).


5 responses to this post.

  1. abso bloody lootely!
    i’d give blood but i’m past the sell by date!
    i’m O+
    where do i get yr widget for canadian blood?
    will add it to my blog if they have an international one?
    i’m a ranter and raver tooooo!
    it’s exhausting 🙂


  2. sorry pls add cape town, at the end of my comment
    if you can find anything on sa
    i’d be delighted to post it


  3. Hello! You’re visiting all the way from Cape Town?! That’s great!

    I found this site for blood donations in South Africa’s Western Province which includes the Cape Town region according to their info:

    They have a page referring to age, I’m assuming that by “past the sell date” you mean you’re a bit older. From what I can see you can freely donate until age 75. At that point you can still donate if your doctor will provide a letter of permission. 🙂

    Oh, and the widget is actually just their website banner… I saved the image and added the link to the site. 😀


  4. Hey There,

    I work on behalf of a non-profit project called Thankyourdonor and I just wanted to extend some thanks for posting about the importance of donating blood. If anyone reading this post needs further inspiration to donate, please check out some of the stories on the site that were submitted by people whose lives were saved or extended by receiving donated blood.


  5. Hello! Thanks for coming by and thanks for posting the link!

    I’ve been donating for a while now and just recently a friend was in need of some blood. He’s actually the same blood type as me and it was really great to know that I could be helping someone I know!

    Keep spreading the word!


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