Oh Canada! The Polaris Music Prize

The short list for the Polaris Music Prize has been announced!  The prize of $20000 is awarded based on the artistic merit of a full-length Canadian album.  As the site indicates genre and record sales are not part of the criteria.

Here are the bands who have made the cut:

Stars ~ In Our Bedroom After the War

Plants & Animals ~ Parc Avenue

Black Mountain ~ In the Future

Basia Bulat ~ Oh, My Darling

Caribou ~ Andorra 

Shad ~ The Old Prince

Kathleen Edwards ~ Asking for Flowers

Two Hours Traffic ~ Little Jabs

Holy Fuck ~ LP

Weakerthans ~ Reunion Tour

I don’t envy the judges on this task!  I must admit that I was disappointed that The Acorn did not make it through to the top 10.  Maybe next time!


3 responses to this post.

  1. I really want Basia Bulat to win the prize.


  2. I hadn’t heard of her until I saw this list, she’s great! So many talented and deserving bands!


  3. So far I heard Plants and Animals are a shoe in to win the prize.
    Parc Avenue is really great and they worked their butts off to make the album and do alot of touring.

    Or either Holy F**k or Black Mountain.


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