I’m such a wiener… I mean winner!

Early in the week I participated in a blog contest and I won second place!!  I love contests, I love blogs, and I love supporting members of the Etsy community!  This contest had it all!

To enter I had to write a tiny little story to describe a painting created by HeatherFuture.  The painting is beautiful!

Here is the little description I wrote:

Eloise watched as the sun sank below the horizon causing the sky to explode in a fiery orange display.

Russet, her feathered companion wished she would sit down and stop pressing her heels into his bladder.

I was very excited when she contacted me about winning second place and I can’t wait to get my prize of 4 of her lovely pins!  I will definitely be posting a photo when I get them!

Check out the rest of HeatherFuture’s art on Etsy!!  She has beautiful paintings, I particularly love Pauline the owl!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Congrats!! You should check out my blog you may win some aceos over there 🙂 Take care. Sarah.


  2. Well just rub it in my face why don’t you!

    *slumps away with losers trophy*


  3. Sorry PeachTree! Maybe next time! 😀

    Thanks Sarah, I’ll go have a peak!


  4. Posted by mich on March 23, 2008 at 2:07 pm

    hey, congrats – did you do the craft sale yet? how did it go?



  5. Thanks Mich!

    The craft sale is in May. Entry into the show is juried and I won’t find out until mid April if I’m in or not. 😛 I’ll post as soon as I know though! 😀


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