I’ve been wanting business cards to help me promote my new Etsy shop.  I want some thing professional yet unique but I’m not a graphic designer and I don’t really have extra time and money to go back to school to learn all that good stuff.

After a little online window shopping I found a site called   They have created the mini-card which is a 28x70mm version of the business card.  All I needed to do was upload some of my favourite photos, use their tool to crop them and add text to the back of it.   They make it very simple and it is reasonably priced ($19.99 for a pack of 100).

So I’ve decided to try it out!  Since my shop is called Blue Sky Design I uploaded some of my favourite photos with bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds (it’s amazing how many I take like this!).  I set them up so my favourite part of the photos would be used and I added my shop details in blue on the back of the card.

Before long I had an email from them indicating that my order would likely be ready for shipping by Wednesday and that they would contact me once it had shipped.

I can’t wait to see the results!  Once I get them I will definitely post to let everyone know how long it took to receive the cards and how they turned out.

In the meantime check out my Etsy shop!  While you’re there have a look at all the other great stuff on Etsy too! minicards


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