Welcome Radiohead fans!!!

I can always tell when Radiohead is in the music news… my blog visitor stats shift from those searching out cupcakes to those searching out Radiohead. 🙂

According to my WordPress stats every single person who visited today (32 of you!) found me by searching for Radiohead. So to all Radiohead fans I say welcome!

I hope you found some interesting tidbits. There is a great deal of info on the band but your best bet for up to date info on Radiohead is going to be in one of three places:

Dead Air Space – this site is updated by the band although not on a daily basis. It is frequently photos & videos, many links the guys are interested in are located in the left side bar.

Radiohead At Ease – this site is where I get most of my updates. It is a very popular site so it can be a little slow when there is something really interesting going on with the band… for example, the In Rainbows release. The site has a great news feed and a lot of other info.

Green Plastic – this site is new to me. It looks pretty up to date although they haven’t been posting much recently. It appears well organized so I think it will be a good resource as well. I also love all the lyric pages. 🙂

Feel free to leave comments while you’re here… hopefully everyone will get to go to the concert in a city near them! Just remember Thom’s wishes; walk, bike, metro/subway, carpool, take the bus/train. Try to do your part to reduce the ecological footprint of their tour… we want them to come back don’t we??

Happy trails to you…


3 responses to this post.

  1. Radiohead are gods!! =) I love them.
    You’ve got an amazing taste in music btw.


  2. Thanks Moonsheep! I’m a bit of a Radiohead freak. 🙂

    I wish I could fluentently read German so I could check out your site! Glad to see another fan of the Mac computers too!


  3. My blog is totally boring so you haven’t missed anything. 😉
    Yes, besides Radiohead I’m obsessed with Mac, haha!


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