Etsy… a crafter’s paradise.

Have you heard of Etsy?? Okay… so I’m probably a little late to the game since there are so freaking many people on that site already but I didn’t know about it until this past fall. Since I didn’t know about it I thought I’d share it with all of my lovely and wonderful visitors (ahem… that would be you).

Etsy is a fabulous spot to buy/sell craft items. It is a giant craft show for geeks!! Instead of stalls in some large auditorium or a store with crappy parking you can sit in the comfort of your own home and browse the thousands (and even tens of thousands?) of crafty items!

The interface is well organized and creative which means that it is fun to browse the individual shops. You can look for specific items; things like handbags, or jewelry. You can even browse recently listed items in a floating-rotating-photo list in their time machine!

I will be adding my own shop on Etsy eventually. I have crafted items ready to sell and a lot more in my brain screaming to be created. As soon as I get my act together I will harass you with photos of my crafts and links to my Etsy location.


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  1. Nikita! Hey, thank you for finding Cakespy! It looks like we have a lot in common! I am *IN LOVE* with etsy!


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