Has Anyone Seen My Feet?

This post is to honour some of the wonderful t-shirt slogans pregnant women can plaster across their baby bumps:

“This is what happens when you party naked.”
“All Hail the Baby maker!”
“Birth Control is for Wimps”
“The mailman did it.”
“Future MILF”
“Has anyone seen my feet?”
“Get lost. Can’t you see I’m trying to shoplift this basket ball?!”
“Watermelon Smuggler”
“I may be huge but at least I don’t say stupid things to pregnant women.”
“It’s a pillow.”
“Ever been slapped by a Pregnant chick? Touch my belly and live the experience!”
“Supersize my epidural”

… and finally, the shirt I might even wear at the delivery:
“It ain’t over ’til the fat lady screams.”


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